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Faux-press for Faux-coming September 28, 2009

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Is it just me or are there serious problems with journalists in the national media smearing and sensationalizing the truth?

In reading the articles written and published by the Globe and Mail in the past few days regarding the homecoming events at Queen’s University, it’s becoming hard for me to distinguish whether or not this is a news outlet which I can trust.

As a student at Queen’s who witnessed the events of this weekend from both the heart of the action and from the sidelines, I can wholeheartedly say that the events which took place on Aberdeen street last night as illustrated to the national public in Sunday’s Globe were a peace-meal of the true atmosphere of the event.

Let it be known that I am a law-abiding individual with abundant respect for law enforcement personnel. I did not disagree that police presence on Aberdeen street was necessary last night, but I can say that personally, the affects of an excessive militant-police force were detrimental both emotionally for students and the city of Kingston. Having such a force present in my community made me feel not only unsafe but even criminal, as I walked down Johnson street attacked by the piercing and accusing stares of police almost the whole way on my way home from dinner with my housemate at 8pm. With such a constant accusing presence, it seemed as though the officers were not looking to create an atmosphere of safety for those in the area, rather one of fear.

Thankfully, those individuals in attendance, be they Queen’s students or not, were dissuaded by the rain and scary police, and the streets of the Student Village were much quieter than any other weekend night.

On the other hand, as nice as the Queen’s Journal was to provide us with a live blog as the event was happening, it was quite a hit below the belt to see the Journal selling out Queen’s to the Globe and Mail in this morning’s article “60 arrests at rained-out Queen’s party”.

Haven’t you heard, dear Journal, the statistics on the number of non-Queen’s students that have attended this street party in the past?  The title of the Globe article you helped write calls it a “Queen’s party” yet the article itself mentions the fact that it is an “unsanctioned street party”. Did you miss something?

Frankly, if the Journal needs to sell us out to the Globe, and the Globe needs the Journal to substantiate it’s slander I think it’s time we start a new paper.


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